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Frank Shamrock to fight in the UFC for free

Frank ShamrockFrank Shamrock (21-7-1) recently taped a personal video message for UFC President Dana White.

And, it wasn't of the "I miss the UFC, I want back in" variety.

The former five-time UFC middleweight champion calls out Dana White, challenging him to fight his promoter and partner, Scott Coker, in a mixed martial arts bout.

And if Dana White wins, Shamrock will return to the UFC and fight for free.

Here is an excerpt:

"... get your fat ass in shape and get ready to be beaten down."

Shamrock feels that Dana White is bad for the sport and takes advantage of young mixed martial artists by not compensating them well.

That's an allegation that has received a lot of attention recently, but not in this sort of provocative manner.

Frank Shamrock is the adoptive younger brother of recently retired UFC hall of famer Ken Shamrock. He was the first middleweight champion in the history the UFC, beating at the time some of the best fighters in the world, including Tito Ortiz at UFC 22 and Jeremy Horn at UFC 17.

After his match with Tito in 1999, however, Shamrock felt he had achieved all he could achieve in the sport and retired. Since then, he has fought sporadically, most recently knocking out Cesar Gracie at a Strike Force event in March of this year.

So, will Dana White take up Frank on this bizarre "bottom line" offer?

After all, it is free.

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