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UFC 65: "Bad Intentions" official announcement

Hughes Armbar on St. PierreGeorges St. Pierre will get his second chance at capturing the UFC welterweight crown when he squares off against the current 170-pound titleholder Matt Hughes on November 18 at UFC 65: "Bad Intentions" in Sacramento, Calif.

Number one ranked heavyweight contender, Jeff Monson, will also get his opportunity to raise the belt that same night with a showdown against reigning champion Tim Sylvia.

That's right, two championship bouts in one night.

"Rush" was slated to fight Hughes on September 23, but had to withdraw after sustaining a groin injury during training. Hughes went on to avenge a loss on his gaudy 41-4 record against replacement – and former UFC Welterweight Champion – BJ Penn in thrilling fashion via technical knockout in the third round.

Now, it's time for St. Pierre to exact some revenge of his own.

Two years ago, Hughes slapped on an arm bar in the waning seconds of round one in their first encounter. The young Canadian was forced to tap, and it remains the only loss on his record. Since that defeat, St. Pierre has worked his way back and has earned a second bite at the UFC championship apple.

Here's a snip from the challenger in a recent Canadian Press clip:

"He beat me fair and square but I respected him too much. I thought for me it was impossible to do anything to him because he was Matt Hughes and he was kind of my idol in MMA. But now things are different right now and I am going to fight him like I fight everybody else."

What does the champion have to say about that?:

"He could take me far into the fight or he could be a possible guy that could beat me. He's a very skilled fighter. But I really think that God has plans that I'm going to win that fight and I feel very confident."

Sounds rather diplomatic, which was not the case after the Hughes-Penn fight. St. Pierre was "not impressed" by Hughes' performance, and let the whole world know about it.

Matt Hughes is a great champion, who doesn't need any bulletin board material to get motivated.

But, now he has it.

And, St. Pierre is the one who is going to have to bring it on November 18 – no more talk, injuries or excuses.

It's time to put up, or shut up.

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