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UFC taking over

The October issue of Newsweek features a nice article on the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC) and its recent domination on cable television and monstrous Pay Per View swag.

Here's a snip:

[Dana] White, who does business in blue jeans and an acid-washed T shirt, has tapped into an appetite for controlled violence that boxing and wrestling don't satisfy.

That's right.

And a lot of forward-thing sportswriters and news organizations such as FOXSports and the Houston Chronicle have begun to cover the UFC in greater detail. More and more, these media outlets are starting to catch on that this is an untapped – and extremely hungry – audience.

Naturally, the more ink that the UFC gets, the more people it will eventually reach. And once people realize what they are missing, they will be hooked.

The UFC is an addiction for those of us who already follow it. It's only a matter of time before viewers at home realize how much better, competitive and exciting mixed martial arts is versus wrestling and boxing.

Put simply, the UFC is big and about to get a whole lot bigger.

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