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Riggs pulls out of fight against DeSouza

Joe RiggsFirst it was BJ Penn. Then, it was Josh Burkman. Followed by Hironaka. Now, it's Joe Riggs.

That's right, "Diesel" is the latest fighter to be scratched from the Ortiz vs Shamrock III: "The Final Conflict" card on Tuesday, October 10.

Just as well, if his last five fights were any indication, Joe "Diesel" Riggs was due for a loss anyway.

Probably not. But, it is an odd pattern worth pointing out.

Regardless, Dustin Hazelett (9-2) – a 20-year old college sophomore and Kentucky native – has replaced Riggs. Hazelett, who will be making his Octagon debut, will have his work cut out for him against UFC veteran and former vacuum salesman Tony DeSouza (9-2).

This is shaping up to be a clash of new school vs. old school, with DeSouza boasting a hat full of tricks on the ground. And Hazelett, who trains with UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin, bringing a more stand-up element to the fight.

Note: We are not sure what the reason is behind Riggs' withdrawal, but will keep you posted.