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Octagon Odds for UFC 63: 'Hughes vs. Penn'

UFC 63 OddsThe UFC 63: "Hughes vs. Penn" odds are in thanks to our friends at

No real surprises, other than Mike Swick getting the edge over David Loiseau. That should be a very good fight, with either fighter having the ability to end it quickly.

Naturally, UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes is favored ... but not by much.

Here are the other odds for the event at Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim in California:

Matt Hughes -206
BJ Penn +186

Mike Swick -112
David Loiseau +102

Rashad Evans -192
Jason Lambert +179

Jens Pulver -675
Joe Lauzon +615

Melvin Guillard -191
Gabe Ruediger +178

Tyson Griffin -630
David Lee +570

Jorge Gurgel -630
Danny Abbadi +570

In case you're wondering, the negative sign (-) means the fighter is a favorite, while the plus sign (+) indicates an underdog.