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UFC's Evans just brings his lunch pail

UFC Light Heavyweight Rashad EvansLightweight contender Rashad Evans (13-0) is perhaps the most underrated undefeated fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship®.

His performances are unspectacular and often downright snooze-a-thons. But, the former Michigan State wrestler is a winner in the Octagon no matter which way you slice it.

After winning the heavyweight division finale in season two of The Ultimate Fighter (where he beat notables such as Mike Whitehead, Keith Jardine and Brad Imes), Evans dropped a weight class and has ripped off two consecutive wins over Sam Hoger and Stephan Bonnar.

In nearly every fight, for some reason Evans has been the underdog. That's probably because he's not flashy, doesn't have a cheesy nickname, nor possesses highlight reel knockout power. He's just tough – like he proved in the Imes battle – has heart, and never strays from his game plan.

On September 23, Evans will face Jason Lambert (22-5) in a light heavyweight bout at UFC 63: "Hughes vs. Penn" at Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim in California.

The Detroit Free-Press recently caught up with Evans and today published an article about how he got into mixed martial arts (MMA). Unfortunately, it doesn't go into any detail about his upcoming battle with Lambert.

Regardless, here's a snip from Evans about the difference between wrestling and MMA:

"When you go out there and wrestle, I may get outpointed or the guy may pin me. With fighting, when someone's throwing kicks or elbows at you, you don't know how you're going to be affected after any given fight. It's definitely more exciting. You just never know what to expect or how an outcome is going to be."

The fight on Saturday will be Evans' toughest test yet. Lambert is a tough dude with solid experience. Naturally, Evans will probably be the underdog.

Don't count him out just yet.