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'The Iceman' gets all mushy

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck LiddellLast night, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell made a public plea for all of his MySpace fans to watch and vote for his "friend," Willa Ford, who is competing this season on ABC's "Dancing with The Stars" television program.

How sweet.

But for some reason, it just seems weird. The baddest dude in his weight class in all of mixed martial arts sitting at home watching this show, and then picking up a phone and dialing to keep her from being voted off.

He should be eating glass or punching tree trunks ... something other than watching untalented B-celebs performing the fox trot.

Here's the note from Liddell:

"Tonight on ABC please watch my friend Willa Ford in Dancing with the Stars. She helped promote the UFC and myself on the show. So in return i'm asking all of my fans, as well as fans of the UFC to watch and vote for Willa Ford."

In the past, Liddell has been romantically linked to the pop star. In fact, Liddell has often referred to Ford as his girlfriend.

I guess even "The Iceman" has a soft side.