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Fitch vs. Hironaka set for UFC 64

UFC Welterweight Jon Fitch

UFC welterweight contender Jon Fitch (11-2) will step into the Octagon to face Kuniyoshi Hironaka (10-2) at UFC 64: "Unstoppable," according to a message on Fitch's Web site today.

Fitch is one of the UFC's most promising fighters, riding a consecutive streak of 10 mixed martial arts wins. He will go up against the very tough and talented Japanese product Hironaka, who is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace.

Remember, Hironaka was originally scheduled to fight BJ Penn at Ultimate Fight Night on October 10. However, Georges St. Pierre suffered a severe groin injury while training for his fight against UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes.

Naturally, Penn was the only fighter who could replace St. Pierre on such short notice.

That left Hironaka without a fighter who could put up a decent fight ... until now.

Fitch trains with some of the best in the world at the American Kickboxing Academy out of California. This is in no way a dude Hironaka is going to blow through.

As the swing bout at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 14, this fight has about a 95 percent chance of being aired.

Imagine that, a Jon Fitch fight on television.