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Chuck Liddell: 49er for a day

Ultimate Fighting Championship® Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell dropped in on the San Francisco UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell49ers practice yesterday to give the NFL team a pep talk before its game today against the Arizona Cardinals.

"The Iceman" – who was in the area to help train patrolmen – addressed the players and answered some questions. Head coach Mike Nolan, who said that Liddell is a friend of a friend, often brings in different speakers to address the team.

Here's a snip from the San Francisco Chronicle:

" ... [Liddell's] overall intensity could help. He could give us some nice tactics to use on our opponents. He has some serious moves. He could really help us on after-the-whistle fouls."

As the worst team in the NFL last season, the 49ers can use a few tips on how to deliver a knockout punch. And, Chuck Liddell is the best in the business.