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Fear this evil

Former UFC Lightweight Champion Jens PulverThe Houston Chronicle yesterday posted a nice little Q&A with former UFC Lightweight Champion Jens Pulver.

Here's a snip from Pulver:

"I'm just confident in fighting. I'm confident in the fact that everything that's happened to me up to this point ... that it can't get any worse. I just want to get out there and fight. Yeah, I've been knocked unconscious and didn't know my name for a couple of days. I've been on the winning side; I've been submitted. I just want to go out there and throw down, because I know in the end, nothing feels worse than not giving 100%."

"Lil Evil" is probably best known for defeating BJ "The Prodigy" Penn by majority decision at UFC 35: "Throwdown" back in 2002. Afterwards, Pulver and the UFC couldn't agree on a contract so he took his skills – and the UFC lightweight belt – to fight abroad.

Quickly thereafter, the UFC simply did away with the entire division.

But now it's back, and so is Pulver.

He's lined up to fight UFC newcomer and fellow 155-pounder Joe Lauzon at UFC 63: "Hughes vs. Penn" on September 23. At 23, Lauzon is very green and extremely overmatched against a talented and experienced fighter like Pulver.

With great fighters like Joe Stevenson, Tyson Griffin, Spencer Fisher, Yves Edwards, and many more, the once defunct UFC lightweight division is now stacked. It's obvious that the UFC is banking on a sensational Pulver victory so that it can hype a showdown between "Lil Evil" and the winner of Florian-Sherk.

Pulver has made a living either knocking dudes out or getting knocked out. Don't expect this one to last very long, either.