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‘Roid Rage: Stephan Bonnar positive for steroids

Stephan BonnarIt was a make or break fight for UFC light heavyweight contender Stephan Bonnar. The "American Psycho" was coming off of a lackluster and controversial win over Keith Jardine, and tasted defeat in his next bout at the hands of Rashad Evans.

Put simply, Bonnar had slowly lost his mojo since the slugfest against Forrest Griffin at the season finale of The Ultimate Fighter I. It was a fight that catapulted him – even as the runner-up – into a whole new realm.

So, Bonnar had a chance to recapture some of that glory when he was set to avenge his narrow defeat to Griffin at UFC 62: "Liddell vs. Sobral." It was the rematch that everyone wanted to see. It was the one fight that Bonnar knew he had to win.

He didn't, losing by unanimous decision.

Now, reports are circulating that the Nevada State Athletic Commission filed a formal complaint earlier this week against Bonnar, alleging that he tested positive for steroids after the bout on August 26.

My, my ... how the mighty have fallen.

Bonnar has 20 days to respond to the claim from Nevada State Athletic Commission. And if he does challenge the finding, Bonnar would be granted a hearing in front of the Commission, at which time the five-member regulatory body would issue a ruling.

Let's just be thankful Griffin won this fight. Otherwise, the UFC would have an even bigger mess on its hands.