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UFC 63: Hughes vs. Penn official Web site launched

The Ultimate Fighting Championship® recently launched a new Web site to market its upcoming pay-per-view mega event UFC 63: "Hughes vs. Penn."

The event, which will take place on September 23 at Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim, California, is a rematch between two superstars of the UFC welterweight division. Penn shocked the mixed martial arts universe by defeating Hughes via rear naked choke back in 2004.

Now, it's time for payback.

UFC 63 BannerMuch like the other sub domains the UFC has put together for these types of events, the UFC 63: "Hughes vs. Penn" site is pretty small but very heavy on Flash.

It features profiles of the two fighters – Matt Hughes and BJ Penn – as well as exclusive interviews and highlights of their previous UFC bouts.

Check out the site when you have some time ... it's pretty cool.