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Tito ready for second shot at Liddell

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UFC 47 Tito-Chuck Weigh inTito "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Ortiz is all about getting his UFC light heavyweight title back, according to an article today in The Orange County Register.

Here's a snip from Tito:

"Getting back my world title is the biggest thing in my life, right now. Getting back on top...."

Current champ Chuck Liddell might have a little something to say about that. And, if Tito can get past Ken Shamrock for the third time on October 10, he probably will get his chance.

That seems to all be a formality, however, considering that Ortiz has already taken Shamrock apart each time they have faced off in the Octagon. There's no reason to think the third time will be any different.

Back in 2004, Liddell KO'd Tito in the second round of their first meeting at UFC 47. Tito more or less did everything he could to duck Chuck before the fight, but now he seems more dedicated and passionate about avenging his defeat and claiming what was once his.

Here's another snip from Tito about the match up:

"I think in this rematch more than anything it will be a similar type of tempo I had before. I just made a mistake and I got poked in the eye. I just gotta make sure I use a lot more head movement, securing a takedown will be necessary. I'm hoping for a really tough fight."

Hoping for a tough fight?

Um, if your on the opposite side of the cage of Chuck Liddell, your in for a beat down. Tough isn't the word.

Tito will undoubtedly get a fight when it happens, he just needs to stop making excuses. Poked in the eye?


Put simply, Tito got his butt kicked the first go around, and there's no reason to think that the second time will be any different.

Don't get the wrong idea, we would love for Tito to prove us wrong.