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UFC fighters standing and trading

Josh Koscheck working on his stand upIt appears more and more UFC fighters are concentrating on striking and the stand-up game, according to a recent article from the Calgary Sun.

This observation is no more evident than the recent Ultimate Fight Night slug fest on August 17.

Knockouts are clearly what the crowds want to see and are the primary reason fans pay ungodly sums of money to sit ringside or on their couches at home.

And the fighters today know this better than anyone.

Why do you think Chuck Liddell is so popular ... not to mention a millionaire? It's not because of his mohawk. It's because he puts guys to sleep.

Sure, to be successful in the UFC, a fighter needs to be well rounded. But, according to the article, "There is a mini-revolution of sorts taking place."

Just ask Karo Parisyan, whose tooth took a flying tour of the Octagon thanks to a Diego Sanchez face mash.

Josh Koscheck – the four-time All-American NCAA wrestler – also decided to let his hands go, disposing of Jonathan Goulet with a barrage of unanswered punches.

As Koscheck noted in his post fight interview, the ground game is easy for him. He's been doing it for years. So it makes sense that he concentrates in his striking, which can only make him a better fighter.

That doesn't mean the ground game is becoming obsolete – not by any stretch of the imagination. It just shows that fighters are becoming smarter when it comes to working on their weaknesses.

And, in this case, potentially more popular – and wealthier – with those highlight reel knockouts.

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