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UFC events boost SpikeTV ratings ... as usual

The new season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) on SpikeTV is back, and so are the ratings.

The debut season on "The Comeback" followed an action-packed Ultimate Fight Night event that showcased some very good fights and some very pay-per-view-type talent.

Here are the latest figures:

--Ultimate Fighter Unleashed at 7 p.m. did a 0.9 cable rating, with a 1.8 share

--The Ultimate Fight Night special did a 1.5 cable rating, with a 2.4 share

--The Ultimate Fighter that followed did a 1.7 cable rating, with a 2.9 share

It's a bit odd to see that the reality series faired better than such an amazing card. Perhaps it was the flair of Shonie Carter in his banana hammock and pink pimp gear.

Nonetheless, it appears that the latest one-two punch of Ultimate Fight Night and TUF once again delivered solid – albeit not quite record-breaking – numbers on Thursday.

On thing is for certain, TNA iMPACT is happy as hell to have the UFC back live.

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