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White and Miletich not getting along

Pat MiletichPat Miletich is a "paranoid lunatic," according to an article today in the Quad-City Times.

UFC President Dana White offers up the compliment about the mixed martial arts legend in response to the theory that he intentionally scheduled UFC 63 to conflict with Miletich's IFL "The Mark of the Quad Cities" on September 23.

Miletich trains Matt Hughes and Jens Pulver, who are both slated to fight that same night.

Here's a juicy snip from Dana:

"Yeah, like I structure my whole year's schedule around what the IFL's doing. The IFL's another one of the small shows in the country that's helping build the grassroots of this sport. Unless someone tells me the IFL's doing something, I don't even know they exist."

Whoa! ... just a little sarcasm in there.

Sounds like there's no love lost between these two. We'll watch and see how this plays out leading up to the events.

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