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UFC in the media spotlight once again

The rapid evolution of the UFC is well documented. Media outlets everywhere are eating up the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) organization and churning out story after story to please their audiences.

An article today, however, in the Baltimore Sun is right on. It is balanced and touches on everything, from the history, to the fighters, to that corksucker Jim Lampley.

Here's a snip from Liddell:

"People say that if I would take [Sobral] down, I'd have a big advantage. But that's not what anyone wants to see. So I'm going to go out there and knock his head off."


That's what makes the UFC such a great attraction. Not only does Dana White give the people what they want to see, but the fighters do, too.

These are the kinds of mainstream articles that the UFC needs. It introduces the sport to a whole new demographic who may or may not be aware of the UFC, or may have misconceptions about its validity.

Sure, it sucks that many feel the UFC is "selling out." But that's just being selfish. The more exposure the sport and these fighters get, the bigger the show.

And the better the fights.