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St.Pierre confident about his rematch with Hughes

Hughes vs. St. Pierre ISince his loss to UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes back in October 2004, Georges St. Pierre has grown up.

Here's snip from an article today in Slam! Sports:

"When I fought him the first time, I was a kid, now I'm a man."

A lot of other good men have tried to defeat Matt Hughes lately, Georges, and none have been successful.

Matt Hughes has looked unbeatable since his loss to BJ Penn. And that seems like eons ago. It's going to take a hell of an effort to dethrone Hughes ... not puberty.

He's just so good.

Here are some other juicy bits from the article:

-- Fellow Canadian middleweight David Loiseau will return to the Octagon to face Mike Swick at UFC 62: "Liddell vs. Sobral"

-- Sean Sherk and Kenny Florian will also square off at the event for the rights to the vacant UFC lightweight title

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