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UFC lightweight division is stacked

UFC Lightweight Champion Hopeful Sean SherkOnly months ago, the lightweight division in the UFC was filled with no-name fighters.

That's because it didn't exist.

Today, it's packed with a lot of big names and experienced warriors. It's anyone's guess who will emerge as the dominant force among so many talented and promising dudes.

"Little guys" such as Jens Pulver, Sean Sherk, Joe Stevenson, Yves Edwards, Mark Hominick, Spencer Fisher, Kenny Florian – and possibly BJ Penn – (to name just a few) all of a sudden make the lightweight division in the UFC the deepest and potentially the most exciting.

In the next few upcoming UFC events, these men will clash in the Octagon and hopefully clear up a very murky picture as to who is the best lightweight in the MMA world. In the meantime, all we can do is sit back, debate and make predictions.

Check out a recent article in Pro Wrestling It gives a pretty good breakdown of who the major players are in the lightweight division and what we might expect in the second half of 2006.

Here's a snip:

With all the talent in this weight class fans can certainly expect to see fireworks while the division sorts itself out in the next few months. I predict that when the smoke clears and all is said and done, we will see Sean Sherk standing on top of the lightweight mountain looking down on a pile of battered and beaten bodies in what may be the most competitive division in the UFC.

Only time will tell.

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