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Griffin vs. Bonnar II set for UFC 62

Bonnar vs. Griffin Part IForrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar Part II has finally arrived.

The two light heavyweights will attempt to once again capture lightening in a bottle on August 26 as the under card of UFC 62: "Liddell vs. Sobral." Their first match was an epic war -- hands down one of the best fights in 2005.

Hopefully, this much anticipated rematch won't be boring or end in controversy. Ahem, UFC 61.

Here's a snip from today's Boston Herald:

I think it's safe to say you can expect more of the same this time around. You'll probably see the same entertainment as the first time, because we are both such aggressive fighters. – Stephane Bonnar

Griffin and Bonnar both came up short on points in recent losses. Griffin lost a controversial split-decision to Tito Ortiz at UFC 59: "Reality Check," and Bonnar was stunned by Rashad Evans last month at Ultimate Fight Night 5, losing a disappointing three-round decision.

Despite these losses, the winner of the fight on August 26 will be back on the road to a title shot in early 2007.

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