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Tito Ortiz IS Daniel LaRusso

Ortiz vs. Shamrock ITito "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Ortiz today sat down with Newsday and discussed his upcoming rematch with Ken "The Most Dangerous Man in the World" Shamrock at UFC 61: "Bitter Rivals" tomorrow night in Las Vegas.

And he lets it all hang out. Tito's prediction for the fight? Here it is:

I guarantee that it will be a very exciting fight. It'll be a brutal fight.

If the last fight is any indication, Tito won't be satisfied until Ken is taken out on a stretcher. Ken's pride could get him seriously hurt this time if he doesn't come out with something different.

Anywho, we've all heard way too much about the rivalry and animosity between these two light heavyweights. That's all anyone really talks about.

But, this interview goes beyond that and sheds some light on Tito's training, experience on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 3 and his future with the UFC.

Check it out.

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