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UFC takes on Bill O'Reilly

FOX News' Bill O'ReillyFOX News jackhole Bill O'Reilly took the gloves off during an "interview" on his show last night with UFC President Dana White and middleweight champion Rich Frankin.

It was more like a Matt Hughes slam.

From the outset, he ripped MMA as being dangerous and barbaric. He then referenced some obscure study on concussions and used Muhamed Ali and Parkinson's Disease as an argument that the sport should be banned.

Below is a snip from that discusses the segment:

O'Reilly continually took shots, refusing the budge even when relevant arguments were introduced. He literally laughed them off.

For what it's worth, Dana and Rich didn't do too well. You can check it out right here. As you'll see, it's not the brightest moment for the organization.

But, something tells me this is just a minor bump in a long road to total domination.


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