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Couture to return to the cage ... prison that is

Randy Couture to star in prison comedy Big StandRandy Couture is going to Hollywood.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion, who recently retired after losing a title rubber match to Chuck Liddell, will star alongside comedian Rob Schneider as a prisoner in "Big Stand."

According to an article in the Calgary Sun, Couture won't have to use any ground-n-pound to earn his paycheck this time:

"There are no fight scenes. I'd prefer to not have any fight scenes. It's kinda nice to get some work in this genre and not have to fight."

And what about his rumored return to the Octagon?

"I would never say never, but I have no plans to go back in. I'm comfortable with the decision I made to retire."

Only time will tell how true that statement is ... Couture just turned 43.

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