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UFC's Dana White and the Playboy bunny

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President, Dana White, is in the latest edition of Playboy answering 20 questions that will hit newsstands on Fri., July 9.

The interview, conducted by magazine contributor Jason Buhrmester, touches on an array of subjects. From the reason he credits Senator John McCain for the existence of the Ultimate Fighting Championship to how Mike Tyson would fare in the Octagon, Dana provides a good look into what it is like to run the baddest MMA organization on the planet.

Here are a few snips from MMANEWS.COM to whet your appetites:

On Senator John McCain's opposition to UFC: McCain is a boxing fanatic and he went after the UFC, and thank god he did. I credit Senator McCain with our having this sport today. The bottom line is this sport needs to be regulated. If it weren't for McCain, we wouldn't be where we are today.
On how Mike Tyson would do in a UFC fight: He would get destroyed. I know it. He's been getting destroyed in boxing lately.
On why he hates golf: Golf is the most useless fucking sport of all time. It's a waste of fucking time. It's a waste of fucking land. It's a waste of everything. Homeless people are sleeping in the streets, and these rich dicks are out there golfing. Give me a fucking break.
On the most vicious thing he's ever seen during a UFC fight: Nothing really makes me cringe. I love fighting. But when Frank Mir broke Tim Sylvia's arm with that arm bar, it was pretty crazy.
On whether someone will inevitably get seriously injured or killed in the UFC: I fear it. I really do. To be honest, I don't know how I would deal with something seriously happening to one of these guys I fucking love and care about.

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