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UFC headed North to Canada, ey?

Marc Ratner is already earning his pay check.

The former executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission is working to bring the UFC to major cities throughout Canada, according to an article on AM 940 Montreal.

That's great news for not only the sport, but also all the hometown fans of Georges St. Pierre, David Loiseau and the other Canadian fighters.

The article also mentions that the UFC is targeting Illinois and New York as states it wants to add to its network.

Here are the important snips from the article:

Light-heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell, back from a toe injury, will meet Brazil's Renato (Babalu) Sobrel on Aug. 26 in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay. Liddell knocked out Sobrel with a kick to the head in UFC 40: Vendetta in November 2002. 'Obviously Babalu deserves this shot. He's been winning consistently. We'll see what happens with Ken and Tito. ... Everyone would love to see Tito and Chuck fight again.'

Former champion Randy Couture, who retired at 42 after being knocked out by Liddell at UFC 57: Liddell vs. Couture 3 in February, is thinking about a comeback.

Middleweight champion Rich Franklin, who needed hand surgery after battering Montreal's David (the Crow) Loiseau into submission in UFC 58, is expected back in action in October. 'His hand is healing great. He's going to start punching again in the next few weeks.' Opponents under consideration include the winner of the Anderson Silva-Chris Leben fight and the Ultimate Fighter Season 4 winner.

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