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Tito bails on Shamrock rubber match; Griffin in

Shamrock v. Ortiz rubber match on holdHis body language just minutes after eking a decision over Forrest Griffin at UFC 59 said it all.

Tito Ortiz was already laying the groundwork for another excuse to delay his rubber match with Ken Shamrock.

Now it's official, according to a recent interview with Dana White courtesy of

Tito is out, Forrest is in.

Here are the important snips from the article:

Tito Ortiz pulled out of his scheduled rematch with Ken Shamrock immediately after the Forrest Griffin fight. Dana never gave a reason, but said ‘it's always something with him' referring to Ortiz's antics when it comes to matchmaking. It's more than likely related to Tito's injuries, but that was never even mentioned by the UFC president.

Forrest Griffin got wind of the above news, and called Dana White and personally requested the fight against Ken Shamrock and got it. Dana White confirmed the fight is a go for the UFC 61 show on July 8 at the Mandalay Bay.

Forrest Griffin is the man. Too bad the judges didn't see that the other night.

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