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Report: 'Bankrupt' FEG cancels K-1 World Grand Prix


FEG is reportedly bankrupt and canceling the 2011 K-1 World Grand Prix, according to Simon Rutz of "It's Showtime."

Latest from Liver Kick on K-1 World Grand Prix


...The most recent rumor was that the arena was not booked yet and the show was in doubt of even happening. It's Showtime issued a press release reporting on Badr Hari's retirement, but also that the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 that Simon Rutz was helping out with might not happen if FEG's debts to It's Showtime were not paid. It makes sense with the amount of fighters being sent to the show to help fulfill their It's Showtime contracts. By the looks of it, the doubts of the arena being booked are possibly null and void. There has been a seating chart floating around as well as ticket prices within China, while they haven't been posted on K-1's main site yet nor on the Nanjing Arena's site. FEG personnel has also been active recently in contacting fighters and management about the upcoming event, with no signs of the event not happening. There is also a video advertisement that has been airing on Chinese television (credit to Rian for the find). There is also a strong rumor that there could be a big shake-up within K-1's organization this week, it isn't clear if this is the big "sale" that has been rumored for most of the summer or a possible big investor jumping aboard to help out. If things pan out as rumored, we will know by mid-week what is happening with K-1, and it would not be a surprise if K-1 received another big boost of funds, a new possible owner or some internal shakeups that have been straightening things out.

Badr Hari Provisionally Released From Prison


Badr Hari has been excused, for the time-being, from an Amsterdam prison after a court ordered his release.

Octobereem: How Alistair Overeem Conquered the World in Three Years


Alistair Overeem has risen to the top and HKL takes you through how he got there and why he belongs there.

K-1 World Grand Prix Final Arena Change; Sign of the Times?


K-1 is set to enter a new arena for the World Grand Prix Finals, a much smaller arena.

Golden Glory's Bas Boon Replies to Simon Rutz's Allegations Against Semmy Schilt


K-1's two biggest fight camps, It's Showtime and Golden Glory are taking jabs at each other, which could create to a fractured kickboxing community. Bas Boon replies to Black Label's allegations...

Ben Edwards vs. Alistair Overeem; Closer Than You Might Think


HKL breaks down Ben Edwards vs. Alistair Overeem

Huge Final 16 News: Ruslan Karaev OUT - Ray Sefo IN Against Tyrone Spong


Sugar Ray Sefo steps into the World Grand Prix.

Fan Voting for Wildcard Spots in K-1 GP Live NOW; Go Vote Already!


K-1 fan voting is live for the World Grand Prix.

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