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SB Nation United - big changes coming to Block U

A change is comin'...

A suggestion for BCB


I have been a reader and poster of this website for two years and the majority of posts are enjoyable to read. However, there are some people who take it upon themselves to intentionally hurt and offend others on here with their posts and comments. They feel it is their right to come here and say and do whatever it is that they want. It is not. No one here has a right to post anything. It is a privilege to come here and a bit like being invited over someone else's house. You might not like them or some of the other guests and you might not be crazy about the arrangements, but at the very least I think people should be respectful. I understand that the past couple of years have been difficult for Cubs fans. It has not been easy for any of us. Yet some people must think that they are uniquely special and therefore immune to criticism which must explain why they react so harshly to even the slightest hint of constructive criticism. They can dish it out, but they can't take it. Well, personally, I am sick and tired of the B.S. that goes on around BCB. Al, Josh and the other main contributors to this website are all good people who deserve to be treated better as do the women who come here. I must admit that some of the animated GIFs and pictures I have found amusing, but when someone else on here finds it offensive and asks you nicely not to do that anymore, I think that you should be mindful of that and not do it anymore. I don't think it is asking too much. I would like to suggest to BCB that a new commenting system be put in place where people would need to log into Facebook and comment. Right now, we have the option of logging into Facebook to comment, but I think this should be required for all commenters. I think that one of the problems this website has is anonymous posters who continually attack others on here especially Al. And if these people had to identify themselves by logging into Facebook, they would probably be less likely to post a lot of the crap they do on here. If you don't like Al or the rules of the website, create your own and take your behavior elsewhere. Otherwise, if you're going to come here I think that you and everyone else should obey the rules and respect others. We're all adults here. I don't think it's asking too much. Thank you for listening.

Cheeky website report: Andre has yet to be sacked


Has Andre Villas-Boas been sacked yet? No, but thanks for asking. I'll cut you. Some cheeky bugger out there - probably an Arsenal fan - has thrown up an insightful website that asks only a...

Chelsea revamps website (Thank God)


They've done away with the Flash. Can you believe it? Finally, after months of frustration, Chelsea has scrapped its original website design. The club unveiled a completely revamped joint today...

UFC Launches Official Website for UFC 129: St. Pierre vs. Shields


The Ultimate Fighting Championship has launched the official site for UFC 129: St. Pierre vs. Shields

UCLABruins.com has new look


How do you like the new look for a new season?

New website launched


The new website was finally launched today, and all appears to now be working following the teething problems they experienced first thing.As for the look of the site, it looks fine. I've never...

Look up NHL standings for any day, 2003-2008


ESPN has this feature for baseball standings, but apparently not for the NHL. Here's what I put together:Standings for 12/21/2003So you can see that the Leafs were inexplicably tied for first place...

New stats: components of Quality of Competition


I added some Quality of Competition statistics to the site. You can now see the components of QUALCOMP (that is: opponents' GF/60 and GA/60, both on- and off-ice). Here's On-Ice GF/60:Opponent's...

Nothing new in the NHL feed


Take a look here:http://www.nhl.com/scores/htmlreports/20082009/PL020002.HTMThere is nothing new in this year's feed. I would have liked coordinate data for shots (which is already available for...

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