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Fitness Friday: Punching out!

As the summer winds down, it's time to say goodbye to Fitness Friday, at least for the time being. Here's a look back at what we set out to accomplish and how you, the loyal reader, kept us going...

Fitness Friday presents: The Breakfast Club

ViSalus Vi Crunch cereal: Eating breakfast, long dubbed "the most important meal of the day," can have a positive, as well as negative, impact on your workout routine. Here's why.

Fitness Friday: Have a drink on me!

This week's edition of Fitness Friday looks at ways to help you with portion control, including one method to reduce bloating and lower your tolerance for large meals, which in turn can help lessen...

Fitness Friday: The numbers game

Are you chasing your goals, or chasing numbers? This week's edition of Fitness Friday examines the numbers game and how it can help -- as well as hurt -- your overall fitness program.

Fitness Friday Presents: Supplemental Failure

Welcome to another edition of Fitness Friday, fight fans. This week, we're taking on the supplement industry and figuring out how to use supplements, without abusing them. War food!

Fitness Friday Presents: Vital Idol

Forget about the album by Billy Idol. This week's Fitness Friday column is focusing on your idea of the perfect physique. Whose body inspires you to work out and why?

Fitness Friday: Impersonal Trainer

Fitness Friday is back, ladies and sirs, and we're taking a closer look at personal trainers. Since you only have one body, chances are you want to make sure it's in the hands of a professional....

Fitness Friday: Eat butter, win Rashad's glove

Rashad Evans is fighting Dan Henderson in the main event of UFC 161 tomorrow night (June 15, 2013) in Winnipeg, and since "Suga" is a ViSalus athlete, we're giving away one of his signed UFC...

Fitness Friday: Stretching the truth

Static stretching vs. dynamic stretching vs. no stretching. It's an ugly battle out there, but one we have to face head on. Jump inside to hear one take on fitness preparation and why you may be...

Fitness Friday presents: Yoga party!

Yoga! Yoga! Yoga! In this week's edition of Fitness Friday, we're breaking down barriers and proving that yoga can be just as powerful -- and essential -- to your fitness routine as any other...

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