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Joe Lauzon thinks Keith Florian was a 'punk'


Props: BostonHerald.com Quoteworthy: "We saw (Keith Florian) in the hotel that night and he was being a complete punk in the elevator. It was totally unnecessary. I had told Kenny that I...

Kenny Florian elbow damage on Joe Lauzon's head (Pic)


The picture above shows the injuries that Joe Lauzon sustained during his main event fight against Kenny Florian at UFC Fight Night 13 on April 2. During the lightweight bout, referee Herb Dean...

Gray Maynard broken hand, out 4 to 6 weeks


Gray Maynard is on the shelf for four to six weeks because of a broken hand sustained during his lightweight bout against Frank Edgar at UFC Fight Night 13 at the Broomfield Event Center in...

UFC Fight Night 13: 'Protect yourself at all times'


While most of the talk from UFC Fight Night 13 revolves around Steve Mazzagatti's stoppage of the Karo Parisyan/Thiago Alves fight, there was another controversy involving Karo's cousin on the...

Stopping Karo: You be the judge Part II


Last Thursday we posted an animated gif of Steve Mazzagatti's stoppage in the Karo Parisyan/Thiago Alves bout from UFC Fight Night (UFN) 13. While the gif provided evidence against Karo, other fans...

Marcus Aurelio armbar at UFC Fight Night 13 was beautiful ...


... just check out this 16-second Brazilian jiu-jitsu masterpiece to defeat Ryan Roberts:

Stopping Karo: You be the judge


It's hard to argue for Karo at this angle. After collapsing he takes four unanswered blows. Was it too early or right on the money? You be the judge.

UFC Quick Quote: James Irvin on the 8 second Houston Alexander knockout


"He didn't block any of the punches ... when he hit the ground he wasn't even looking at me. He had his hands down and he was looking out into the crowd.... He was bleeding out of both nostrils. He...

Kenny Florian vs. Roger Huerta: Hottest fight right now in the lightweight division


Props: UFC.com (Note that Huerta has indicated that he will not compete until at least September 2008 to finish college. Let's hope that changes.)

Ultimate Fight Night 13 recap for Florian vs. Lauzon


It was a great night of mixed martial arts action for everyone who tuned into UFC Ultimate Fight Night 13 this evening from the Broomfield Event Center in Broomfield, Colo., unless your name is...

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