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UFC 79: Wanderlei Silva on Chuck Liddell Fight: 'I Changed My Life for This Match'

At UFC 79 on Saturday night, Wanderlei Silva will take on Chuck Liddell in a fight that doesn't have anywhere near the appeal that it would have had a year and a half ago. But while fans might not...

UFC 79 Video: Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva, Georges St-Pierre vs. Matt Hughes

UFC continues to show that it has a better handle on how to market itself via YouTube than any other sports league, as this UFC 79 preview video is, by far, the most-watched video on YouTube today:U...

UFC 79: Chuck Liddell to Wanderlei Silva: 'I Promise You, I'm Going to Knock You Out'

At UFC 79 tonight, Chuck Liddell will take on Wanderlei Silva. Here's their pre-fight press conference:Liddell, despite his two-match losing streak, continues to talk tough. "I'm just excited this...

UFC 79: Georges St-Pierre Demonstrates His Training for Matt Hughes

The mainstream sports media still, for the most part, dismisses mixed martial arts as somehow less than a legitimate sport. I think one reason for that is that people don't understand what...

UFC 79 Undercard Live Blog: Machida- Sokoudjou, Clementi-Guillard, Sanchez-Palalei

UPDATE: The undercard is over. Join us now for our Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva live blog.This is the FanHouse live blog of UFC 79, where we'll provide live, round-by-round updates of the...

UFC 79: Nemesis Live Blog -- Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva

This is the FanHouse live blog of tonight's UFC 79 co-main event, featuring live, round-by-round updates of all the action as Chuck Liddell takes on Wanderlei Silva. The Liddell-Silva fight should...

UFC 79: Chuck Liddell Beats Wanderlei Silva

The Iceman is back. At UFC 79, America's most popular mixed martial arts fighter, Chuck Liddell, beat the Brazilian Wanderlei Silva with a dominant unanimous decision. For Liddell, it was an...

UFC 79 Live Blog: Georges St.-Pierre vs. Matt Hughes for Welterweight Championship

This is the FanHouse live blog of the main event for tonight's UFC 79, featuring Matt Hughes taking on Georges St.-Pierre for the UFC interim welterweight title. The undercard is over, and the...

UFC 79: Georges St.-Pierre Beats Matt Hughes for UFC Welterweight Title

At UFC 79 tonight, Georges St.-Pierre dominated Matt Hughes from the start, punishing him for all of the first round and most of the second before Hughes finally tapped out. The win makes...

Historical Precedent Causes the Perception of a "Weak" UFC 108 Cards

Historical Precedent Cause the Perception of a "Weak" UFC 108 Card

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