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Not Guilty! Lloyd Irvin Student Set Free

Lloyd Irvin student, Matthew Maldonado, found not guilty of kidnapping and sexual assault of an intoxicated female acquaintance from their gym in a nearby parking garage on New Year's Eve. His...

NCAA rains down punishment on Penn State football, the house that Paterno destroyed


After the Freeh Report showed failures by Penn State to effectively stop a known pedophile, putting their football program ahead of the welfare of children, the NCAA has left that football program...

Diana Nyad talks about Cuba-to-Florida swim attempt No. 4, her first sexual experience


Insane or determined? Diana Nyad is one or the other...or a little of both. After failing to swim from Cuba to Florida on her first three attempts (two of which came last year), the 63-year-old is...

Jerry Sandusky is Outsports' Jerk of the Year


"Jerk" doesn't seem to accurately describe a man accused of raping a number of boys. Nonetheless, former Penn State football defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky has received the lowest honor...

Joe Paterno fired from Penn State, idiot students riot in response


It is fitting and appropriate that Joe Paterno was fired tonight by Penn State. The winning head football coach at one of the nation's proudest programs simply could not take the field with the...

Same-sex pedophilia scandal rocks Penn State football, involving Jerry Sandusky


Penn State athletic director Tim Curley has been charged with perjury in connection with allegations that former football team defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky (right) sexually abused eight...

Quick hits: Sosa, Marshall, Yankee, LeBron


Sammy Sosa, who just a couple weeks ago reiterated that he has never taken performance-enhancing drugs, reportedly tested positive for them in 2003. If true, Sosa, who once cheated with an...

Why would students fake-rape a boy?


"Dude, I'm bored. Let's go fake-rape that kid over there." Is that how the conversation starts? Because I just can't figure out how this stuff happens. Two high school students in Jupiter, Fla.,...

Irvin buys LloydIrvinRape.com


Following the accusation of two students at his gym raping a third female student and a revival of interest in a 1989 rape case, Lloyd Irvin has purchased the domain LloydIrvinRape.com and is...

Des Moines Register's front page...


Des Moines Register's front page...

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