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Nick Diaz: Roy Jones Jr should buy out my contract

Nick Diaz would like Roy Jones Jr -- or someone -- to buy out his UFC contract so he can make a fight in boxing.

UFC 171: The Prognostication Postscript


Johny Hendricks became the new UFC Welterweight champion after defeating Robbie Lawler in a five round decision. Who is next for him in a world with Georges St-Pierre?

UFC 171: Nick Diaz scrum - he's back


UFC Welterweight Nick Diaz says he's back and ready to fight in the Octagon.

UFN 37: Pickett vs. Seery Prognostication


Flyweights Brad Pickett and Neil Seery collide for UFC Fight Night 37 in a bout that will provide all kinds of crimson tinted sparks.

WAR MMA 1: Pay what you want & win autographed gloves from the Diaz Brothers


UFC welterweight superstar, Nick Diaz, is debuting his brand new promotion, WAR MMA tonight, and with it, some experimental changes that many fans are more than open to seeing, as evidenced by our reader poll here. Along with slight alterations in the rule set, Diaz is also instituting a 'Pay what you want' plan that allows the viewer to donate any amount, or none at all to view the live stream of the event. There is a prize for the top donation, however. The person who contributes the top bid to view the stream will win an autographed set of MMA gloves, signed by both Diaz brothers. This is a collector's dream, so if you're into MMA memorabilia, this is the perfect opportunity to add to your collection. You can watch the live stream event tonight, via http://nickdiazpromotions.com/war-mma-live-stream/ and pay what you want in an effort of supporting more MMA opportunities for fighters. Bloody Elbow is also proud to announce that we will be providing a live stream of the event for our readers.



Nick Diaz. Nunchucks. Sounds like a good combination, right?


Nick Diaz hits a ball with nunchuks


The headline says it all.

Nick Diaz spotted at UFC 158 press conference


Well, that's one hurdle, anyway. Only Nick Diaz can make the UFC attendance policy front page news. Now to keep him and Georges St. Pierre from going at it during the staredowns. Stay tuned!

Video: UFC 158's Nick Diaz At Airport For Trip To Montreal.


Video: UFC 158's Nick Diaz at airport for trip to Montreal, enjoying the live piano music. Figured this was as good a sign as any that the No. 1 welterweight contender will be in the Bell Centre on March 16, 2013, to fight division champion Georges St. Pierre. Was there ever any doubt? :)

Video: Nick Diaz works a speed bag for 23 minutes straight.


Video: Watch Nick Diaz box up a speed bag for 23 minutes non-stop as he prepares for his UFC 158 main event title fight against welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre. Impressed with his busy performance?

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