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Not for the Ages: the Kimbo Slice Retrospective

A retrospective on the Kimbo Slice disaster that took down EliteXC, and what makes the sport of MMA so difficult to promote on its own.

Shocking! Mixed Martial Arts Has Rules; Fighter Disqualified for Illegal Elbow

For those who aren't aware (such as Leonard Shapiro of the Washington Post), the sport of mixed martial arts is not a no-holds barred street fight, but a sport with rules and a referee who enforces...

Bidding Wars Coming to MMA? EliteXC Could Use CBS Deal to Add UFC Talent

In the sport of mixed martial arts, UFC is unquestionably the leading organization, and it's not even close. Other MMA promotions exist, but they haven't even come close to reaching the levels of...

MMA Live Chat Today 1 p.m. Eastern

Affliction and UFC went head to head Saturday night, Dream finished up its Lightweight Grand Prix early this morning, and EliteXC has its second CBS show coming up this weekend. It's an exciting...

EliteXC's Shayna Baszler Defends Women's MMA: 'I Don't Care What Dana White Says'

Here's a look at Shayna Baszler, who fights on EliteXC's CBS card on Saturday, beating Samantha Gavere last year:On a call to promote the EliteXC show this week, Baszler was asked about UFC...

Meet Jake Shields, EliteXC Welterweight

I have a feeling that CBS's ratings for Saturday night's EliteXC show are going to be fairly disappointing, mostly because not many people know the fighters on Saturday's card. But I have to say,...

EliteXC Back on CBS: Unfinished Business Preview and Predictions

The first time EliteXC had a show on CBS it seemed like a Very Big Deal, simply because it was the debut for mixed martial arts on network television in prime time. EliteXC's second CBS show is...

Live Chat: Miguel Cotto-Antonio Margarito, EliteXC: Boxing and MMA at 1 p.m. ET

We've got another big weekend of fights ahead of us, with Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito stepping into the ring, while EliteXC puts on another show with Robbie Lawler and Scott Smith in the...

Kimbo Slice, Gina Carano Likely to Return to EliteXC on CBS October 4

Dave Meltzer reports today (via Bloody Elbow) that EliteXC and CBS have tentatively agreed on Saturday, October 4 for the date of the third prime time network television mixed martial arts show,...

Everyone Makes Weight on EliteXC Card

Here's video of the weigh-in for tonight's EliteXC card:Everyone made weight, so there's no big news, but I do have a few observations.Brian Caraway says his specialty is "cowboy karate." Um, OK. ...

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