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Don Frye: Mir & Couture threw those Lesnar fights

Former UFC tournament champion Don Frye accuses former UFC Heavyweight champs Frank Mir and Randy Couture of throwing their UFC fights with Brock Lesnar.

Aaron Tru from mmaprime.tv chats with NHB Legend Tank Abbott at King of the Cage. Tank was the...


Aaron Tru from mmaprime.tv chats with NHB Legend Tank Abbott at King of the Cage. Tank was the commentated for the night, helping out with the KOTC broadcast. Tru asks Abbott about the difference between NHB and MMA. Tank talks about MMA being more of a sport, as NHB is what he is into; "you go in there..two guys enter and only one guy leaves." When asked about the current UFC Champions, Abbott said, "I hardly know who any of them are and that speaks volumes itself." When asked about his fight with Scott Ferrizo in the backyard last year, Abbott comments that, "Well that's happened 100's of times and usually their isn't a camera there....there is no weight classes to hide behind, no rules to hide behind and no judges to hide behind...You better do good or you might being going home in a board bag in a van." When asked about Tito Ortiz losses 7 of his last 8 fights to end his career, Tank comments, "Everyone got taken by a con man...and I think it's funny that even for 10 seconds anyone thought he was tough.." Tru mentions Frank Shamrock's book during the interview, and Tank "doubts he wrote it himself." Going on to say, "I'm sure it probably comes with pictures of crayon drawings..and maybe his first finger painting in there." When asked if he would ever train for a sanctioned fight again, Tank says, "I love to fight and that's who makes me who I am...I am probably the closest thing you have ever seen to a true warrior." "If someone has the right fight for me, I'm whiling to do it." The interview ends with Tru asking about UFC 6 and Ultimate Ultimate 98. The back story is that Tank made it to the finals of both UFC tournaments. However, there is a little bit on controversy, in regards to the semi final bouts in both tournaments. He faced Oleg Tarktarov in the finals of UFC 6 and Don Frye in the finals of Ultimate Ultimate 98; both men supposedly faced team mates/friends in the semi finals and were extremely fresh in the night's final bout; while Abbott had extremely difficult bouts and was spent by the final match of the evening. Tank responds that, "Both of them fought their training partners, who winked and had very easy fights. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that they fought their friends and that their friends laid down..not something that a true warrior would do. Like I said before, these guys aren't true warriors...it's not about winning or losing, it's about the battle."

Music: Hairy & Strong The Ballad of Don Frye

Hairy&Strong TheBalladOfDonFrye by vancemelbourne

Music: Hairy & Strong The Ballad of Don Frye

Reminder: Don Frye-inspired contest giveaway with Round 5 and MMAmania.com!


Want to win the complete Round 5 "Ultimate Collector" Series 9? Of course you do. Here's how.

Don Frye: 'Dana White's Just Ruined The Sport'


Fighting legend Don Frye believes that UFC president Dana White has ruined the sport of MMA.

Morning Report: Ronda Rousey Upstages Cyborg Santos, Fights Three Japanese Men


Ronda Rousey fights three Japanese men, Chael Sonnen talks smack to Anderson Silva, and Cesar Gracie won't let Nick Diaz retire on today's edition of the Morning Report.


My First Fight: Mark Coleman

If you had asked Mark Coleman what he was up to in early 1996, he probably would have told you he was gearing up to earn a spot on another U.S. Olympic wrestling squad after his seventh-place...

Nick Thompson vs. Karl Amoussou Booked for M-1 Global's August Event


Nick Thompson (38-11-1) will face Karl Amoussou (10-3-1) in a middleweight bout at "M-1 Global presents Breakthrough" on August 28 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California. Thompson...

Don Frye: CSAC Are 'Bunch of Amateurs'


Leave it to Don Frye to make sense of this whole Josh Barnett/Affliction situation. Or not.The MMA veteran spoke to Fight Network Radio Thursday about Barnett's positive steroid test, but chose to...

Lawal vs. Kerr, Fedor vs. Mousasi Set for M-1 Global 'Breakthrough'


Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal will face Mark Kerr and Fedor Emelianenko will spar with Gegard Mousasi at M-1 Global's "Breakthrough" event on Aug. 28 in Kansas City, the promotion announced Monday. The...

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