UFC/MMA Results

Latest UFC results, including play-by-play LIVE coverage of pay-per-view (PPV), FOX Sports 1 and Fight Pass action from around the world, as well as other key regional and international mixed martial arts (MMA) events.

UFC Fight Night 57: 'Edgar vs. Swanson' Results

UFC Fight Night 57 Results

UFC 180: 'Werdum vs. Hunt' Results

UFC 180 Results

UFC Fight Night 56: 'Shogun vs. St. Preux' Results

UFC Fight Night 56 Results

UFC Fight Night 55: 'Rockhold vs. Bisping' Results

UFC Fight Night 55 Results

UFC 179: 'Aldo vs. Mendes 2' Results

UFC 179 Results

UFC Fight Night 54: 'MacDonald vs. Saffiedine' Results

UFC Fight Night 54 Results

UFC Fight Night 53: 'Nelson vs. Story' Results

UFC Fight Night 53 Results

UFC 178: 'Johnson vs. Cariaso' Results

UFC 178 Results

UFC Fight Night 52: 'Hunt vs. Nelson' Results

UFC Fight Night 52 Results

UFC Fight Night 51: 'Bigfoot vs. Arlovski' Results

UFC Fight Night 51 Results

UFC Fight Night 50: 'Jacare vs. Mousasi' Results

UFC Fight Night 50 Results

UFC 177: 'Dillashaw vs. Soto' Results

UFC 177 Results

UFC Fight Night 49: 'Henderson vs. Dos Anjos' Results

UFC Fight Night 49 Results

UFC Fight Night 48: 'Bisping vs. Le' Results

UFC Fight Night 48 Results

UFC Fight Night 47: 'Bader vs. St. Preux'

UFC Fight Night 47 Results

UFC on FOX 12: 'Lawler vs. Brown' Results

UFC on FOX 12 Results

UFC Fight Night 46: 'McGregor vs. Brandao' Results

UFC Fight Night 46 Results

UFC Fight Night 45: 'Cerrone vs. Miller' Results

UFC Fight Night 45 Results

The Ultimate Fighter 19 Finale Results

TUF 19 Finale Results

UFC 175: 'Weidman vs. Machida' Results

UFC 175 Results

UFC Fight Night 44: 'Swanson vs. Stephens' Results

UFC Fight Night 44 Results

UFC Fight Night 43: 'Te Huna vs. Marquardt' Results

UFC Fight Night 43 Results

UFC 174: 'Johnson vs. Bagautinov' Results

UFC 174 Results

UFC Fight Night 42: 'Henderson vs. Khabilov' Results

UFC Fight Night 42 Results

The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3 Finale Results

TUF Brazil 3 Results

UFC Fight Night 41: 'Munoz vs. Mousasi' Results

UFC Fight Night 41 Results

UFC 173: 'Barao vs. Dillashaw' Results

UFC 173 Results

Bellator 120: 'Rampage vs. King Mo' Results

Bellator 120 Results

UFC Fight Night 40: 'Brown vs. Silva' Results

UFC Fight Night 40 Results

UFC 172: 'Jones vs. Teixeira' Results

UFC 172 Results

UFC 171: 'Lawler vs. Hendricks' Results

UFC 171 Results

UFC 170: 'Rousey vs. McMann' Results

UFC 170 Results

UFC Fight Night 36: 'Machida vs. Mousasi' Results

UFC Fight Night 36 Results

UFC 169: 'Barao vs. Faber 2' Results

UFC 169 Results

UFC on FOX 10: 'Henderson vs. Thomson' Results

UFC on FOX 10 Results

UFC Fight Night 35: 'Rockhold vs. Philippou' Results

UFC Fight Night 35 Results

UFC Fight Night 34: 'Saffiedine vs. Lim' Results

UFC Fight Night 34 Results

UFC 168: 'Weidman vs. Silva 2' Results

UFC 168 Results

UFC on FOX 9: 'Johnson vs. Benavidez 2' Results

UFC on FOX 9 Results

UFC Fight Night 33: 'Hunt vs. Bigfoot' Results

UFC Fight Night 33 Results

The Ultimate Fighter 18 Finale Results

TUF 18 Finale Results

UFC 167: 'St. Pierre vs. Hendricks' Results

UFC 167 Results

UFC Fight Night 32: 'Belfort vs. Henderson' Results

UFC Fight Night 32 Results

UFC Fight Night 31: 'Fight for the Troops 3' Results

UFC Fight Night 31 Results

UFC Fight Night 30: 'Machida vs. Munoz' Results

UFC Fight Night 30 Results

UFC 166: 'Velasquez vs. Dos Santos 3' Results

UFC 166 Results

UFC Fight Night 29: 'Maia vs. Shields' Results

UFC Fight Night 29 Results

UFC 165: 'Jones vs. Gustafsson' Results

UFC 165 Results

UFC Fight Night 28: 'Teixeira vs. Bader' Results

UFC Fight Night 28 Results

UFC 164: 'Henderson vs. Pettis 2' Results

UFC 164 Results

UFC Fight Night 27: 'Condit vs. Kampmann 2' Results

UFC Fight Night 27 Results

UFC Fight Night 26: 'Shogun vs. Sonnen' Results

UFC Fight Night 26 Results

UFC 163: 'Aldo vs. Korean Zombie' Results

163 Results

UFC on FOX 8: 'Johnson vs. Moraga' Results

UFC on FOX 8 Results

UFC 162: 'Silva vs. Weidman' Results

UFC 162 Results

UFC 161: 'Evans vs. Henderson' Results

UFC 161 Results

UFC on FUEL TV 10: 'Nogueira vs. Werdum' Results

UFC on FUEL TV 10 Results

UFC 160: 'Velasquez vs. Bigfoot 2' Results

UFC 160 Results

UFC on FX 8: 'Belfort vs. Rockhold' Results

UFC on FX 8 Results

UFC 159: 'Jones vs. Sonnen' Results

UFC 159 Results

UFC on FOX 7: 'Henderson vs. Melendez' Results

UFC on FOX 7 Results

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 17 Finale Results

TUF 17 Finale Results

UFC on FUEL TV 9: 'Mousasi vs. Latifi' Results

UFC on FUEL TV 9 Results

UFC 158: 'St. Pierre vs. Diaz' Results

UFC 158 Results

UFC on FUEL TV 8: 'Silva vs. Stann' Results

UFC on FUEL TV 8 Results

UFC 157: 'Rousey vs. Carmouche' Results

UFC 157 Results

UFC on FUEL TV 7: 'Barao vs. McDonald' Results

UFC on FUEL TV 7 Results

UFC 156: 'Aldo vs. Edgar' Results

UFC 156 Results

UFC on FOX 6: 'Johnson vs. Dodson' Results

UFC on FOX 6 Results

UFC on FX 7: 'Belfort vs. Bisping' Results

UFC on FX 7 Results

Strikeforce: 'Marquardt vs. Saffiedine' Results

Strikeforce Results

UFC 155: 'Dos Santos vs. Velasquez 2' Results

UFC 155 Results

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 16 Finale Results

TUF 16 Results

UFC on FX 6: 'Sotiropoulos vs. Pearson' Results

UFC on FX 6 Results

UFC on FOX 5: 'Henderson vs. Diaz' Results

UFC on FOX 5 Results

UFC 154: 'St. Pierre vs. Condit' Results

UFC 154 Results

UFC on FUEL TV 6: 'Franklin vs. Le' Results

UFC Macao Results

UFC 153: 'Silva vs. Bonnar' Results

UFC 153 Results

UFC on FX 5: 'Browne vs. Bigfoot' Results

UFC on FUEL TV 5 Results

UFC on FUEL TV 5: 'Struve vs. Miocic' Results

UFC on FUEL TV 5 Results

UFC 152: 'Jones vs. Belfort' Results

UFC 152 Results

UFC 151: 'Jones vs. Henderson' Results

UFC 151 Results

Strikeforce: 'Rousey vs. Kaufman' Results

Strikeforce Results

UFC 150: 'Henderson vs. Edgar 2' Results

UFC 150 Results

UFC on FOX 4: 'Shogun vs. Vera' Results

UFC on FOX 4 Results

UFC 149: 'Faber vs. Barao' Results

UFC 149 Results

Strikeforce: 'Rockhold vs. Kennedy' Results

Strikeforce Results

UFC on FUEL TV 4: 'Munoz vs. Weidman' Results

UfC on FUEL TV 4 Results

UFC 148: 'Silva vs. Sonnen 2' Results

UFC 148 Results

UFC 147: 'Silva vs. Franklin 2' Results

UFC 147 Results

UFC on FX 4: 'Maynard vs. Guida' Results

UFC on FX 4 Results

UFC on FX 3: 'Johnson vs. McCall' Results

UFC on FX 3 Results

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 15 Finale Results


UFC 146: 'Dos Santos vs. Mir' Results

UFC 146 Results

Strikeforce: 'Barnett vs. Cormier' Results

Strikeforce Results

UFC on FUEL TV 3: 'Korean Zombie vs. Poirier' Results

UFC on FUEL TV 3 Results

UFC on FOX 3: 'Diaz vs. Miller' Results

UFC on FOX 3 Results

UFC 145: 'Jones vs. Evans' Results

UFC 145 Results

UFC on FUEL TV 2: 'Gustafsson vs. Silva' Results

UFC on FUEL TV 2 Results

Strikeforce: 'Tate vs. Rousey' Results

Strikeforce Results

UFC on FX 2: 'Alves vs. Kampmann' Results

UFC on FX 2 Results

UFC 144: 'Edgar vs. Henderson' Results

UFC 144 Results

UFC on FUEL TV: 'Sanchez vs. Ellenberger' Results

UFC on FUEL TV Results

UFC 143: 'Diaz vs. Condit' Results

UFC 143 Results

UFC on FOX 2: 'Evans vs. Davis' Results

UFC on FOX 2

UFC on FX: 'Guillard vs. Miller' Results

UFC on FX Results

UFC 142: 'Aldo vs. Mendes' Results

UFC 142 Results

Strikeforce: 'Rockhold vs. Jardine' Results

Strikeforce Results

DREAM: 'Genki Desu Ka!!' Results


UFC 141: 'Lesnar vs. Overeem' Results


Strikeforce: 'Melendez vs. Masvidal' Results


UFC 140: 'Jones vs. Machida' Results


The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 Finale Results


UFC 139: 'Shogun vs. Henderson' Results


UFC on FOX: 'Velasquez vs. Dos Santos' Results


UFC 138: 'Leben vs. Munoz' Results


UFC 137: 'Penn vs. Diaz' Results


UFC 136: 'Edgar vs. Maynard III' Results


UFC on Versus 6: 'Cruz vs. Johnson' Results


UFC 135: 'Jones vs. Rampage' Results


Strikeforce World Grand Prix: 'Barnett vs. Kharitonov' Results


UFC 134: 'Rio' Results


UFC on Versus 5: 'Hardy vs. Lytle' Results


UFC 133: 'Evans vs. Ortiz 2' Results


Strikeforce: 'Fedor vs. Henderson' Results


UFC 132: 'Cruz vs. Faber 2' Results


UFC on Versus 4: 'Kongo vs. Barry' Results


Strikeforce: 'Overeem vs. Werdum' Results


UFC 131: 'Dos Santos vs. Carwin' Results


The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 13 Finale: 'Guida vs. Pettis' Results


UFC 130: 'Rampage vs. Hamill' Results


UFC 129: 'St. Pierre vs. Shields' Results


Strikeforce: 'Diaz vs. Daley' Results


Strikeforce Challengers 15: 'Wilcox vs. Damm' Results


UFC Fight Night 24: 'Nogueira vs. Davis' Results


Titan Fighting Championship 17: 'Lashley vs. Ott' Results


UFC 128: 'Shogun vs. Jones' Results


Shark Fights 14: 'Horwich vs. Villefort' Results


Strikeforce: 'Henderson vs. Feijao' Results


UFC on Versus 3: 'Sanchez vs. Kampmann' Results


UFC 127: 'Penn vs. Fitch' Results


Strikeforce: 'Fedor vs. Silva' Results


UFC 126: 'Silva vs. Belfort' Results


Strikeforce: 'Diaz vs. Cyborg' Results


Titan Fighting Championship 16: 'Sylvia vs. Wagner' Results


UFC Fight Night 23: 'Fight for the Troops 2' Results


UFC 125: 'Resolution' Results


FieLDS Dynamite!! 2010 Results


WEC 53: 'Henderson vs. Pettis' Results


UFC 124: 'St. Pierre vs. Koscheck II' Results


Strikeforce: 'Henderson vs. Babalu' Results


The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 12 Finale Results


UFC 123: 'Rampage vs. Machida' Results


UFC 122: 'Marquardt vs. Okami' Results


WEC 52: 'Faber vs. Mizugaki' Results


UFC 121: 'Lesnar vs. Velasquez' Results


UFC 120: 'Bisping vs. Akiyama' Results


Strikeforce: 'Diaz vs. Noons II' Results


WEC 51: 'Aldo vs. Gamburyan' Results


UFC 119: 'Mir vs. Cro Cop' Results


UFC Fight Night 22: 'Marquardt vs. Palhares' Results


Shark Fights 13: 'Jardine vs. Prangley' Results


SHINE Fights III: 'Lightweight GP' Results


UFC 118: 'Edgar vs. Penn 2' Results


Strikeforce: 'Houston' Results


WEC 50: 'Cruz vs. Benavidez' Results


Strikeforce Challengers 10: 'Riggs vs. Taylor' Results


UFC 117: 'Silva vs. Sonnen' Results


UFC on Versus 2: 'Jones vs. Matyushenko' Results


UFC 116: 'Lesnar vs. Carwin' Results


Strikeforce: 'Fedor vs. Werdum' Results


WEC 49: 'Varner vs. Shalorus' Results


The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 11 Finale Results


Strikeforce: 'Los Angeles' Results


UFC 115: 'Liddell vs. Franklin' Results


UFC 114: 'Rampage vs. Evans' Results


Strikeforce: 'Heavy Artillery' Results


UFC 113: 'Machida vs. Shogun II' Results


WEC 48: 'Aldo vs. Faber' Results


Strikeforce: 'Nashville' Results


UFC 112: 'Invincible' Results


UFC Fight Night 21: 'Florian vs. Gomi' Results


UFC 111: 'St. Pierre vs. Hardy' Results


UFC on Versus 1: 'Vera vs. Jones' Results


WEC 47: 'Bowles vs. Cruz' Results


UFC 110: 'Nogueira vs. Velasquez' Results


UFC 109: 'Relentless' Results

UFC 109 Results

Strikeforce: 'Miami' Results


UFC Fight Night 20: 'Maynard vs. Diaz' Results


WEC 46: 'Varner vs. Henderson' Results


UFC 108: 'Evans vs. Silva' Results


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