Jiu-Jitsu Tournaments

Royce: Kyra Gracie is better than Ronda Rousey

UFC legend Royce Gracie opened up about the possibility of Kyra Gracie transitioning to mixed martial arts earlier today. Find out what he had to say about the top female grappler inside.

Werdum Declines ADCC, Ready For UFC 166 Title Shot

Fabricio Werdum will not compete at ADCC 2013 in China, because he's too busy as a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. In addition to providing commentary at UFC 166 on Oct. 19 in Houston, he'll also be wearing his fight trunks in case of injury.

(Video) 15-Year Old Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competitor Suffers Broken Neck; Likely a Quadriplegic for Life

The Live Leak version has a more detailed description than the YouTube one: During the semifinals of the Espírito Santo State Jiu-Jitsu Championship, 19 years old Wesley Marques was being strangled, counter attacking with putting Gabriel Diniz, 15, upside down. The young man fell on his neck and injured the third and fourth vertebrae.

Even after two surgeries - one to align the spine and another to remove bone fragments from the site - the doctors aren't sure of his recovery, or even tell if he will be able to re-move the arms and legs.

Despite his age Gabriel Diniz competed for Team Black House Conch adult category. After the incident, which took place on August 4, the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation advised Espirito Santo State Jiu Jitsu Federation to not allow young people compete with the adult category titles.

This is absolutely tragic, and everyone here at Mania is hoping there will be a miracle recovery for the injured young man. Best of luck, young Mr. Diniz, you could use some of the good kind.

UFC passes on renewing Roger Gracie's contract

Former 10-time Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion Roger Gracie is on the prowl for a new promotion after UFC officials declined to renew his expiring Strikeforce contract following a lackluster UFC debut last month.

Irvin owes government over $1,000,000

Lloyd Irvin is making headlines again. This time, he's in trouble with the federal government after losing a judgement for over a million bucks. Get the details inside.


Gracie changes Metamoris rules in wake of snoozer

Brendan Schaub is an agent of change. Thanks to his stinker against "Cyborg" Abreu at Metamoris II earlier this month in Los Angeles, Ralek Gracie is changing the tournament rules to make future events more competitive, as well as more exciting.

UFC 161 results: Jordan stops Barry in one minute

It took just 59 seconds for Shawn Jordan to score a stoppage victory over Pat Barry in the pay-per-view (PPV) main card kickoff of tonight's (June 15, 2013) UFC 161: "Evans vs. Henderson" event in Winnipeg.


Metamoris 2 Event Night Photos Gallery

Check out a photo gallery from the Metamoris 2 event that took place this past Sunday night (June 9, 2013) at the Pauley Pavilion in Los Angeles, Calif., which served as the promotions second event.


Full Video: Watch Gracie Tap Aoki At Metamoris 2

Watch the Kron Gracie vs. Shinya Aoki full fight video from Metamoris 2, which took place last night (June 9, 2013) from the Pauley Pavilion in Los Angeles, California.

Video: Eddie Bravo Submits Royler Gracie

More than one decade ago, Eddie Bravo -- a relatively unknown Brazilian jiu-jitsu enthusiast -- pulled off a shocking submission of the previously unbeaten Royler Gracie, the son of Helio Gracie, the founder of modern-day jiu-jitsu. Now, nearly 10 years later, Bravo and Gracie are finally expected to roll it back under the Metamoris 3 banner. For more details click here and here.

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