Jiu-Jitsu Tournaments

Matt Hughes Vs. Renzo Gracie Rematch Set For 2015

But not inside the Octagon, as former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight titleholder Matt Hughes has been booked to take on Renzo Gracie at the ADCC 2015 tournament next September in...

Wandy Willing To Fight Sonnen In Metamoris


Embattled UFC light heavyweight Wanderlei Silva still wants to fight the retired/suspended Chael Sonnen and since he can't do it inside the Octagon, "The Axe Murderer" is willing to chase "The...

Gracie Explains Why He Chose Sonnen For Metamoris

Ralek Gracie explains his decision to put Chael Sonnen up against Andre Galvao in the main event of the upcoming Metamoris 4 jiu-jitsu tournament, which is currently scheduled for Aug. 9, 2014 in...


Must-Watch Metamoris 4 'Countdown' Promo

Check out the official Metamoris 4 countdown video (via YouTube), which features a headlining act between former UFC star Chael Sonnen taking on one of the best submissions specialists in the world...

No Amount Of PEDs Will Save Sonnen At Metamoris 4


Metamoris Founder, Ralek Gracie, issues official statement on Chael Sonnen, who will continue to headline Metamoris 4 against Andre Galvao on Aug. 9, 2014, despite his public battle as a...

Metamoris: Sonnen Will Be Tested Against Galvao


Despite parting ways with UFC and FOX, Chael Sonnen will still be tested against Andre Galvao in the main event of the upcoming Metamoris 4 jiu-jitsu tournament, which is currently scheduled for...


Video: Watch Slick Metamoris 4 Preview Trailer

Chael Sonnen vs. Andre Galvao and Dean Lister vs. Josh Barnett matches are featured in the new video preview/trailer for the upcoming Metamoris 4 jiu-jitsu tournament, which is currently scheduled...

Galvao: Sonnen Is Not A Fool On The Ground


Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend Andre Galvao is not going to underestimate retired UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen, who agreed to headline the upcoming Metamoris 4 jiu-jitsu tournament scheduled for Aug....

Gracie: Sonnen & Metamoris Are 'Perfect Fit'


Now that Chael Sonnen is done competing in MMA, "The American Gangster" looks to try his luck at Metamoris 4, an all jiu-jitsu tournament on Aug, 9, 2014. According to Metamoris president, Ralek...

Metamoris Tournaments Coming To UFC Fight Pass?

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White says he would absolutely look into the possibility of airing future Metamoris events on UFC Fight Pass. Ralek Gracie, president of the...

He's Back! Sonnen Returns On Aug. 9 In Los Angeles


Chael Sonnen has agreed to face Andre Galvao in the main event of the upcoming Metamoris 4 jiu-jitsu tournament, which is currently scheduled for Aug. 9, 2014 in Los Angeles, California, while UFC...


Holy S--t! Arm Gets Destroyed, Grappler Won't Tap

Video: Watch Michelle Nicolini dislocate Tammi Musumeci's elbow at IBJJF World Championship featherweight finals over the weekend, only to see Musumeci refuse to tap and somehow finish the match...


Meet Generation-Y’s Jiu-Jitsu Machiavelli

Ryan Holiday, author of "The Obstacle Is The Way," based on the philosophy of Stoicism, discusses the "savagery" of training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and how it helps shape success both inside combat...

Just Say No! Gracie Blasts Bravo For Pot


Royce Gracie details the confrontation between he and Eddie Bravo during last month's Metamoris 3 event in California, saying that it had nothing to do with the outcome of his match with Royler,...


Breakdown! Gracie Brothers Deconstruct Metamoris 3

Metamoris 3: Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie 2 full video Gracie Breakdown (YouTube) online featuring Rener and Ryron deconstructing some of the event highlights from last Saturday night's (March 29,...

Bravo Fires Back At 'Hysterical' Royce Gracie


Eddie Bravo fires back at "hysterical" Royce Gracie following their backstage altercation at Metamoris 3, which took place last Saturday night (March 29, 2014) inside the Peterson Automotive Museum...

Royce Wants Bravo Fight After Backstage Spat


Royce Gracie challenges Eddie Bravo to Vale Tudo fight after backstage altercation at last Saturday night's (March 29, 2014) Metamoris 3 event, which saw Bravo's main event rematch against Royler...

Pic: Magalhaes' Staph Infection Is DISGUSTING


You want to see something really nasty and disgusting but somehow mesmerizing? Let's check in on Vinny Magalhaes and the staph infection that knocked him out of Metamoris 3. WARNING: THE PIC...

Draw! Metamoris: 'Bravo Vs Gracie 2' Results/Recap


Metamoris 3 results recap from last night (Sat., March 29, 2014) for "Bravo vs. Gracie 2" online pay-per-view (PPV) from inside the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California, featuring...

Pic: Vinny Magalhaes Hospitalized, Off Metamoris 3


Pic: Vinny Magalhaes hospitalized and forced to withdraw from Metamoris 3 online pay-per-view (PPV) jiu-jitsu grappling match against Keenan Cornelius that takes place from Peterson Automotive...

How To Watch Metamoris 3 'Bravo/Gracie 2' Tonight!


Find out how to watch Metamoris 3 LIVE online pay-per-view (PPV) Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie-led jiu-jitsu grappling tournament that takes place from Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles,...


Watch! Bravo Vs. Gracie 2 'Countdown' Video

Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie full "Countdown" video for Metamoris 3 live stream submission-only jiu-jitsu tournament main event rematch inside the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles,...

Blame It On Rio! Belcher Subbed At Copa Podio


Copa Podio results: UFC middleweight Alan Belcher was submitted by eventual winner Rodolfo Vieira in last weekend's heavyweight jiu-jitsu tournament, which took place on Feb. 1, 2014 inside the...

'Eagle' Offers To Fly In Metamoris Jiu-Jitsu Event


Top Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight contender Khabib Nurmagomedov is willing to put his grappling skills to the test in the Metamoris 3 jiu-jitsu tournament on March 29, 2014,...

Pic: WWE Superstar Triple H Joins Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Family


Add another WWE name to the long list of professional wrestlers, like "Batista" and CM Punk, among others, who are making jiu-jitsu a full time hobby. Triple H (via RJ Melvin) was snapped alongside "Breakdown" video star Rener Gracie, who just so happens to be the husband of former WWE women's champion Eva Torres, which means it's getting harder and harder to keep the real world of fighting separated from the fake. U mad?

Bravo Vs. Gracie Rematch Official For Metamoris 3


Video: Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie rematch official for Metamoris 3 jiu-jitsu tournament live stream from inside the Peterson Automotive Museum (Special Event Deck) in Los Angeles, California, on...

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