Video: Lorenzo Fertitta on 'difficult' decision to postpone UFC 176, teases 'Aldo vs. Mendes 2' for Rio

Listen to UFC Chairman and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta call in to FOX Sports 1 to explain why he had no choice but to postpone UFC 176 after Jose Aldo suffered a neck injury during training.

For only the second time in its 21-year existence, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was forced to cancel postpone an upcoming pay-per-view (PPV) event.

UFC 176, which was supposed to go down on Aug., 2, 2014 in Los Angeles, Calif., was dealt a crippling blow after featherweight champion Jose Aldo suffered a neck injury during training, one which prohibited him from defending his title in the main event against Chad Mendes.

With no able-bodied champions available to fill the void, the higher-ups at ZUFFA had no choice but to scratch the event.

Lorenzo Fertitta, UFC Chairman and CEO, called in to FOX Sports 1 to explain why the mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion had no choice but to reschedule the event to a later date.

"It was a very difficult decision to make, and part of the reason that we decided to postpone it is because Jose Aldo's injury is a neck/shoulder injury, which he said he's not going to be able to train for only three weeks. So it was a situation where certainly he wouldn't be ready for August 2nd, but at the same time, he's not going to be out for very long, so it's going to allow us to essentially postpone this and reschedule this event for sometime in the early to mid-fall, probably in October. We just felt like that made the most sense. In addition to that, obviously on pay-per-view events there's typically a championship bout on the card, and quite frankly right now there's nobody that could turn around quick enough to be able to fill the August 2nd slot."

As a result of the shift, plenty of bouts (see them here) that were already booked to go down at The Staples Center have been moved to other upcoming events such as this one.

Much to the chagrin of some.

Fertitta revealed that while no definitive date is set to stage the rematch against Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes, a PPV event scheduled for October 27, 2014, will be the likely date, but it won't be in "The City of Angels," as Brazil may be the likely destination.

Should Aldo be out longer than expected, Fertitta said that an interim title pitting Mendes against another top 145-pound contender (like this guy) would be a possibility.

Stay tuned.

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