Ronda Rousey Should Ask for $1-Million Per Fight

Yes, I said it. When her contract is completed, she should, DEMAND... $1-Million per fight.

The UFC is in trouble. They are spreading their shows put too thin, and they have only one star...Ronda Rousey.

No one cares about Mighty Mouse or Dillishaw. Aldo's inability to speak English and his lack of finishes make him less than popular with Just Bleed fans.

Pettis stays injured. Johny Hendricks is a one-trick pony who is awkward in interviews.

Weidman suddenly looks very beatable and may be out for awhile with jaw and rib issues after his last fight. Many will never buy into his two wins against Silva.

Jon Jones is a douche bag, and to be quite frank about it, comes off as a bit of a coward.

Cain is a beast but doesn't seem to resonate with fans yet.

Then you have Ronda and the pure domination she brings to a fight. She's the baddest bitch on the planet.

People either love to see her fight, or watch hoping she'll lose. She's beautiful. She's smart, and she won't take your shit.

The UFC needs her more than she needs them at this point. She bailed out one event. She brought fans to an otherwise lackluster card at UFC 175, and was apparently expected to go again in August to save the day yet again.

MMA pays jack shit.

If there is one person that can cash in and take a little back from the greedy promoters, it is Ronda Rousey.

Get paid.

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