Joe Rogan issues statement on Truck Gate: I thought it was Dana's idea to put Rousey on the spot


Not since "Duel" has a guy in a truck caused this much aggravation.

The "truck" has a breakdown ... in communication!

I'm referring, of course, to the mystery man in the production truck, who was buzzing in UFC color commentator Joe Rogan's ear, asking him to put Ronda Rousey on the hook for UFC 176, shortly after she was done mopping the floor with Alexis Davis at UFC 175.

A question that caused UFC President Dana White to "blow a gasket."

Not long after the incident, Rogan took to The Underground to explain what happened, and why he was compelled to ask "Rowdy" to fight at the Aug. 2 event, which is currently without a headliner thanks to the temperamental neck of UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo.

Rogan explains:

"Just for the record Dana wasn't pissed at me at all. I thought it was actually Dana's idea when the producers interrupted me to get me to ask that question when I was trying to wrap up the interview. It's incredibly rare that the guys in the truck ever ask me to ask a specific question. He was upset that someone overstepped their bounds and decided it would be a good idea to ask Ronda to fight again in a month. Decisions like that always come from Dana and Lorenzo, so when a producer thought it would be a good idea to ask Ronda that before consulting them he was really pissed off. I actually didn't get blamed for anything. When I asked the question I specifically stated that the producers in the truck wanted me to ask. When Dana was pissed he asked me who said that and that's when I realized it wasn't his idea."


Following her latest bantamweight title defense, Rousey revealed that she was going to have knee surgery, as well as rest up to heal other nagging injuries (like this one). Rogan, meanwhile, has already been exonerated by White, though I'm not sure we can say the same thing about the guy in the truck.

For more on UFC 175, Rogan, and the word "gate," click here.

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