KML Season 5 Round 4.



to the results for season 5, round 4. Two events this weekend, but I opted for just the ppv to choose from. In hindsight, it seems to have backfired in a sense. Even though I truly believed Mittrione was gonna beat Struve, he was just a value pick, cheap and not much to choose from. Regardless, we're all in the same boat, cept some of us got fucked over and get nada from that pick. Wish Kountermove came up with a way of awarding a set amount of points in such cases. But hey ho, they dont, so we're stuck with zilch for that pick. Anyway...

Onto the results.

Event Winner

Scoring a ridiculously low 64.7 average points per fighter and winning the event? That's just goddamn plain lucky. Sure enough this was a tough enough event to pick a solid team from, but VHW avoided a few bullets in the popular picks of Meathead and Bubba. In doing so, he created a team which was just good enough to score the maximum 25 points and take a giant leap to the top of the leaderboard.


Well done amigo!

Top 10 for round 4:

Vhw with a table topping 25.

Biggant make his debut on the scoreboard with an excellent 20 points.

Pablo with 16 points from a team including Meathead and Bubba. (performance of the night)

Bons and Donkey finally score and get rid of their dreaded no scores -


League standings:

VHW jumps to the peak with his gratuitous 25.

Pablo with his last minute picks kept damage to a minimum whilst dropping to 2nd.

Aussie, Phase and Jelly all scored and settle the rest of the top 5

Shiv no scores and drops to 6th

Biggant leaps from last to 11th. Just like that!

Defending champ Trip share last place with Donkey on 1 point. LOL.


Event winners

Dont worry, it's a 10 event season.

  • Round 1: Phasebook
  • Round 2: Smerf
  • Round 3: Shivan
  • Round 4: VHW
  • Round 5:
  • Round 6:

Next Event;

UFC Fight Night 45: Cerrone vs. Miller

Wednesday July 16th

Been a while since we've had a midweek card. Will send out the link in a day or two.

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