Bellator, Coker and Alvarez

So it has come to my attention that Bellator is under new management. I don't believe this is true. I think Bellator is under the same Viacom management that existed since they bought the majority of the company from Bjorn and his silent friends. Unfortunately for Bjorn, he gave up his right to have an opinion of how the company progresses. I sort of feel bad for that scumbag only because I have to change my Twitter handle to Coker.

So what should Coker's first order of business be? He already stated that the tourney's are dead and so are the seasons. That is a good start but there were many people that followed Bellator like a cult because of the tournaments. Coker knows that a few idiots on the internet should not dictate the way he runs a company. Of course, we don't know if he has any ownership or is a puppet like Bjorn after he sold his soul. It can only get better.

The first order of business for Coker should be Alvarez. He should convince Viacom to let it go and earn back the trust of the fans. He should unconditionally release Alvarez as a free agent and make a sick contract offer to sign with Bellator.

This would show the fans and fighters that there is a new regime in town. The worst case scenario is that Alvarez moves on but it will still erase the dark days of Bjorn by giving Alvarez a choice.

The best case scenario is that he gives Alvarez the option to leave and Alvarez signs back with Bellator because they offered him a better contract than the UFC. Can't beat that as a promoter.

Either way, the fans and fighters will start to trust the broken management of Bellator. It's a win win for Coker no matter how it plays out, Let the games begin.

P.S. Coker needs to change the name of Bellator as his next order of business. That name reminds people of regional fights and shitty promotion. He needs to make the promotion new, with no shitty toilet paper remnants of Bjorn that cling to your asshole an hour after you already wiped. He needs to shave the Bjorn taint so no leftovers are possible.

Finally, I hope they make some noise. The main reason I never fully supported Bellator was because of the delusional diehard fans. The Bellator roach zombies are dead inside and make it hard to enjoy this site. I purposely banned myself a few times to get away from the Bellator hipsters. I hope these trendy bitches can take a step back and stop being unbearable cunts now that Bjorn is gone. I doubt they will but I can only hope for the best. Good luck to Coker. And good luck to you Bellator hipsters.

P.S.S Coker is going to quickly realize times have changed and there are no big name vets, or blue chip prospects on the market. His only chance at survival is convincing Viacom to buy WSOF and Co-promote with OneFC.

Pussy. Deleted in 6 hours.

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