UFC 175: Alexis Davis is holding Ronda Rousey’s happiness hostage

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

And “Rowdy” looks to set it free and allow herself to smile at all of the great opportunities that are coming her way by taking down the jiu-jitsu black belt at UFC 175 this Fourth of July weekend.

Aside from being the face of women's mixed martial arts (MMA), Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has enjoyed much success outside of the Octagon, as well.

From countless high-profile photo shoots, talk show appearances and movie roles, "Rowdy" has set herself up to have other ways to make a living once she's done punching people's faces in.

Despite having plenty of other opportunities come her way, fighting is still priority No. 1 and Alexis Davis -- who she faces in the co-main event at UFC 175 on Sat., July 5, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada -- is the only thing on her mind.

In a sense, Davis has her "happiness hostage," which is why Rousey told Sherdog that she can't stop and smell the roses for even a second.

She explains:

"It is kind of difficult for me to talk about movies so much. People have been grilling me about it all day. I can't allow myself to be happy about anything until I beat Alexis. I hear so many things that is great news, but I can't take any joy from it until I beat Alexis, I can't relax and I can't enjoy anything. It's not something that I purposely do, it's just that I really cannot. I heard about the ESPY nominations the other day and I could have cared less because I had sparring that day and the only thing I kept thinking about was Alexis. 'Athena Project' is a big movie franchise that I really hope to build up. I want that to be my franchise and Warner Bros. bought the book rights for me and Brad Thor. We finally have a writer brought on and progress is really being made. And I couldn't have been less excited about it because I have to beat Alexis first. As soon as I beat Alexis, I will be so happy about everything else. But I can't allow myself to be happy until that happens. She's like holding my happiness hostage. And that's why this is the most important fight that I've ever had because she's the one I haven't beaten yet."

Indeed, the former Olympian has had quite a busy schedule since last year; defending her title twice in two months against Miesha Tate and Sara McMann. All while putting the finishing touches on her upcoming movie roles in "The Expendables 3," "Fast and Furious 7," and "Entourage."

Her championship bout against Davis will be her third title defense in the span of seven months, and if all goes as planned, she'll be looking to make it four straight title defenses in one calendar year.

As she mentioned, Ronda also has a movie franchise in the works, as she has been pegged to spearhead Warner Bros. upcoming "Athena Project," which his expected to be a potential blockbuster franchise.

She was also recently nominated for not one, but two ESPN ESPY Awards.

Still, none of that can put a smile on the champ's face until she sets her happiness free by getting past Davis in "Sin City."

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