Bigfoot Silva's goals for 2014: Fight in UFC, have surgery to remove tumor, junk TRT for good


Silva says he doesn't expect his MMA career to be cut short without the now-banned treatment.

Antonio Silva was suspended for nine months after his epic, five-round brawl against Mark Hunt -- which resulted in a rare draw -- at UFC Fight Night 33 last December.

The reason? Elevated testosterone levels as a result of bad doctor's advice, according to "Bigfoot," who was approved for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) due to his battle with acromegaly.

Despite his recent setbacks, Silva eyes a return to action as soon as his suspension is complete, which will be on Sept., 7, 2014.  After that, "Bigfoot" is set to undergo surgery to remove a benign tumor on his pituitary gland in an attempt to get his testosterone levels down to normal and take care of some tumors that keep reemerging.

Silva explained his plans on a recent edition of The MMA Hour:

"I need to do this surgery. I need to correct something. Right now I can not use the testosterone. After my fight, I believe I will fight in September, though nothing is set yet,  I want to do my surgery. I want to recover like between six to eight weeks."

Thanks to the ban on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in Nevada and Brazil, Silva will have to continue his mixed martial arts (MMA) career without it. An unfortunate setback that may have been caused by a few egotistical fighters who took advantage of the treatment, says Silva.

Still, "Bigfoot" doesn't believe fighting without TRT will shorten his career.

He explains:

"Some use it for ego, but some people need it as is my case. Unfortunately I really need to use the TRT. But right now with the ban, I am going to keep without it. It was the first time I did it and unfortunately that whole thing happened. That's okay, I'm going to move forward without TRT and I'm going to keep fighting without it."

As far as who Silva wants to take on upon his return, he has his sights firmly set on Josh Barnett.

Unfortunately for Silva, "The Warmaster" has no interest in letting people he doesn't like make money off him. A laughable excuse to not accept the challenge, according to "Bigfoot."

Still, a TRT-less Silva promises to be back better than ever, but against who?

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