MKL Season 5 Round 3.



to the results for season 5, round 3. Hope ye all enjoyed having the luxury of picking from a full roster of the 2 events. Fair play to Kountermove for setting that up for us. I wont bother getting the same double event for this weekend double header, just gonna stick with the main event on Saturday night. I will send the link for that game Weds night.

Onto the results.

Event Winner

With a fairly decent average score of 90.4 points per fighter, Shivan takes the maximum 25 points available and moves right into contendership. Even picking some random nobody called Roldan who scored a miserable 35 points, it was still a good enough team to hold off the fight from Jelly. So the congrats are in order for Shiv.

Here's how he got the top spot.


Ya, Congrats Shiv. ffs...

Top 10 for round 3:

No sign of the league leader Pablo in the top 10. Could be costly.

Shiv and Jelly the biggest movers after their top 2 places.

As for the 9th and 10th places, JonnyBoy had emailed me his team as requested before the first event started and scored 324.5 which knocked Aussie to 10th and Boss to 11th

Alright Bons, heres my team: Te Huna, Neto, Gastelum, Borg & Oleinik. With 100 to spare.


League standings:

Pablo still on top despite not scoring. However, the top bunch are real close now.

Phase sneaks up to joint 2nd.

Shiv with a 10 spot jump to share 2nd with Phase.

The gap between 10th (Mr G) and the top spot is only 13 points.

2 newcomers, Donkey and Biggant have still yet to get on the board.

The creator of this fuckin league, Bons, also yet to get on the board.

Current defending champ, Trip, stuck on a single point, and was dead last this event.


Event winners

Dont worry, it's a 10 event season.

  • Round 1: Phasebook
  • Round 2: Smerf
  • Round 3: Shivan
  • Round 4:
  • Round 5:
  • Round 6:

Next Event;

UFC 175: Weidman vs. Machida

Saturday July 5th

Like I said lads, I'm only doin the ppv this weekend.

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