Mania Oddsmaker - take it to the bank

Good Afternoon, Maniacs! I hop on Mania today and what do I read? jay and Mexi having a little duel on the mainpage, bringing up memories of days past. Before water was indoors and toilets were more than a hole in the ground. Before women shaved their armpits and men shaved their nuts (No comments here, pablo). Before Tom sold to SBN and Jesse had a basement. Before Chuck Norris...



Anywhoo, with the recent changes on Mania, specifically the reinstatement of Maniacs who were banned, I thought I would try to guage the concensus of how long each of these, and other fine Maniacs would last around these parts. We all know that Joben is going to get black out drunk during an event, come on Mania, and say something that offends. He will get banned again. It is a given. Reminds me of when I was younger. A good friend of mine was the best wrestler in my High School. BY A MILE. He easily went through districts and regionals. He was headed for a showdown with a monster of a guy named Chris Kwortnik (Google him), but he flaked out, copied his English Thesis and got suspended from school, letting everyone, including himself down. It wasn't the first time he cheated. Hell, I got him through 9th grade English, and he got me my first blowjob the summer after. I learned at 15 why braces suck...

Sorry, lost my train of thought for a minute. Ok, so what do you think of these odds Maniacs?

Joben... -10000 he gets banned again. -2000 he gets banned in 3 months or less.

Bons... -110 he gets banned again..

Jaywolf... -500 he gets banned again .

Kevin...-10000 he gets reinstated even though Geno is only here in name only and he did less than Joben on at least 3 of the occasions that Joben got banned, but re-instated.

And the kicker...-1000000000 some new guy screams loudly that banning joben is unjust and not the Mania way, even though he has had 45fuckton chances and still fucked up. For that guy...let me come to your house and take a giant Natural Light shit on your living room rug. Then let me come back every 3 months and do it again. Cool?

What say you Maniacs, amirite???

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