Quack Quack.. Bones Ducking Mauler?

So, news just broke from Dana White that apparently Jon Jones has yet to sign a bout agreement with the man to give him his greatest ass beating(besides the legendary Matt Hamill), Alex The MotherFucking Mauler Gustafsson, and HOLY FUCKING SHIT is that thread a fucking mess. The smell of shit is from the pants of every single mother fucking maniac in that comments section of that post is seeping through my computer and overpowering this delicious rocky road ice cream I'm currently trying to enjoy. So, thanks for that, assholes. Everybody just calm your god damn tits and make a trip to the can to do some maintenance, maybe even break out the baby wipes you fucking fiends. I'm abouts ta drop a bomb on you and sing you the song of sensibility, one that I rarely here in this asylum you sick bastards call home.


and I'm not really a big fan of wins and streaks carrying over from one division to the next - I see the divisions as different brackets. The wins Cormier has at HW really shouldn't be a part of the conversation when it comes to the landscape of the UFC LHW division. I realize this shit isn't exactly a tournament, but nonetheless, I think DC needs one, maybe even two big wins before he gets his crack. It's a fight I want to see, believe me, just not right now.

That being said, Jones currently hold an official W over The Mauler, disputed as that may be by many, it is an unfortunate truth for the 205 pound division and Joe Silva alike. Alex got his tuneup fight, but is that easy win over Manuwa really enough to put his ass back on top of the totem pole? Another decent win is necessary, some could argue.

Bit of a pickle ay?

Here's an idea - DC Vs. Gus in a #1 Contender bout. That's a credible win for each man to get their shot and I think that's a good fight for the sport.. Either man getting a win over the other seems like a fair warrant for a crack at the crown.

I'm also not opposed to DC stepping in to fight Anthony Johnson when Lil Nog pulls out again after pulling a hammy putting on his depends.

The big stinker over all the best laid plans is time.. gotta strike while the irons hot, I know this. But It's important to me as a fan to see these guys silence naysayers and people who say they don't deserve the title shot. DC vs Gustafsson would shut everyone up. And it's a sick fight.


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