Protect The Lead...



It's just after the 4th round...

You sit on your stool, absolutely exhausted, thinking about the hard work you just put in to secure that last 5 minutes. Your coach looks you in the eye and says "good work last round, breathe, now let's protect this lead"

More disappointing words have never been spoken. And let me explain:

How many times can you think of, in terms of a horribly disappointing turn of events when your team somehow loses due to what seems to be complacency? How many times have we been robbed, as fans of a great competition between our favorite team, or favorite fighter, and you know, those other assholes?

I've seen time and time again, a match, that had the potential to be the best fight, or game ever, spoiled by those 3 fucking words... "Protect The Lead".

I can't even comprehend what that does to the psyche of a fighter with killer instinct. "So you are fucking wrecking this guy, now let's coast, and win a decision." WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Now, I've never competed at the highest level of MMA, but as a fighter, does it not seem logical to take the fight out of the judges hands? Given how stupid these fucks are, why, in all of creation would you let your future, your livelihood be dictated and determined by people who can't even decide whether they need to wipe their own ass after they take a shit?

I watched the Barao vs Dillashaw fight thinking to myself, "well, now Dillashaw is just going to coast to a decision." You know what? For once I was proven wonderfully wrong. Dillashaw beat the piss out of Barao, and didn't cruise to a decision. You know what? He finished him in the 5th round after beating his corpse for 20+ minutes.

This kills me to say, because I was rooting for Barao so bad in that fight. But I was so happy to have a challenger willing to crush someone who was thought to be invincible.

All because he wasn't simply trying to "Protect The Lead."

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