Frankie Edgar: Now that I'm supposed to beat B.J. Penn, I definitley don't want to lose our trilogy fight


After proving he has B.J. Penn's number, beating him twice before, Frankie Edgar says he needs a victory over "The Prodigy" in their trilogy fight more than ever because now people expect him to win. He also hopes another win over Penn gets him another crack at Jose Aldo.

Frankie Edgar will look to tie a ribbon around his rivalry with B.J. Penn when the two meet in the main event of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 19 Finale on July 6, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A rare Sunday evening event for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Having already defeated Penn twice before at UFC 112 and at UFC 118, "The Answer" says he still has plenty of pressure on him going into their trilogy fight, despite being up 2-0 on one of the greatest fighters to ever compete in mixed martial arts (MMA).

That's because people are expecting him to defeat Penn now, which wasn't the case in their first two encounters.

He explained during a recent interview on The MMA Hour:

"It's been a year (since last fight), so that alone gets the juices flowing. But I just don't want to lose the third time out. The first two times, I wasn't supposed to win. Now I'm supposed to win and I definitely don't want to lose now."

For Penn, this could be his last chance to ride off into the sunset with a win while getting some much-needed revenge on Edgar. Though "The Answer" hopes to make "The Prodigy" quit, he knows he'll be facing a very-well prepared fighter.

His words:

"I think he knows this is his last chance, so he's preparing the best he can and it's good to have a little concern of your opponent when you're in there, it keeps me on my toes. It's still B.J. Penn, he definitely has something in him that you have to worry about."

As far as where he places himself in the featherweight title picture, Edgar says with what he's done in his career, he's an easy guy to give a title shot to, having competed in seven championship bouts.

And though he doesn't have a dog in the fight, Edgar says Chad Mendes has a good chance at dethroning Jose Aldo in their rematch at UFC 176 this August; though he would love to be the one to take the belt away from "Junior."

"I would love to be the guy to take it from Aldo, I really would. But if Chad beats him, which I think he has a very good shot at... if he goes in there and isn't nervous standing up, if he goes in with confidence, he has a shot at beating him."

Edgar came up short in his 145-pound title fight against Aldo at UFC 156 last year, losing a unanimous decision.

A win over Penn will be Edgar's second straight in the division, but will it be enough to catapult him to his eighth UFC title fight?

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